The name Vienna Strings stands for more than just a product name. The Sound Philosophy of Vienna Strings is based on the Viennese-European Sound Tradition. More and more people are turning away from the traditional bright, harsh sounding string instruments which have become the standard tonal sound of instruments produced for the last 25 years. The secret of the Vienna Sound is the result of hand picked European and Himalayan Woods (used on the top, back, and sides). The inclusion of these woods results in a full rounded European Tone – Giving a much sweeter, singing and sustaining tone than that of our competitors. In addition, Vienna works with renowned string performers to ensure that the finest tonal range and sound quality is in all of our Instruments.

Molds Violins, violas, cellos, and string basses are extremely sensitive instruments; to achieve a consummate tone, specialists are required to have tuned instincts that have a feel for the minutest tonal nuances and also possess a high degree of sensitivity. The quality of each individual instrument is dependent on this specialized craftsmanship. Many of our manufacturing specialists are currently employed within the same profession. The patterns and molds used in making our instruments (some original, some modified) can all be traced back to these early generations.

Vienna Strings is lead by German Master Craftsmen – Offering tremendous insight into the making of fine Stringed Instruments.

Himalayan Spruce Top: Some might consider it a quirk to utilize up to 100 Year Old mountain spruce from premium mountainous areas for our violins, violas, cellos and, bass tops. This concept is but a solid basis for the construction for premium quality instruments. Vienna Strings instruments are fitted with the World Famous Himalayan Spruce Tops. The tops are renowned for their beautiful straight grain prized by instrument makers the world round.

Romanian Carved Back: Our Technical Team uses only the finest Quality Romanian Backs – Only backs with a very high tap tone are selected and used. Our backs are also picked for the lowest specific gravity. One can easily spot Romanian wood by its beauteous Tiger Striping.